Chris Cagle

        Ziggy Marley

        Whitney Houston

        Cyndi Lauper

Emmy Winning Composer

Music can be the secret weapon for any great film maker. A great score will subliminally add an emotional level, that without it, just wouldn’t be possible. Try and imagine your favorite movie without it’s musical score, and you can bet it would not feel the same. Especially in the places where the music is far in the background. Yet it adds so much to the scene. Add to that, the variety and diversity that naturally occurs from one project to the next, and it is easy to understand why Gary is always up for the challenge. Whether, and where music belongs in a scene is a very subjective decision. When you find the right combination, the results can be magical. It is this magic that has inspired Gary to pursue composition for film and TV. He is just as comfortable writing for a single instrument or small ensemble, as he is, a full orchestra and everything in between. His background in Rock and Pop music, add yet another approach and perspective that can help take any project to another level.

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