Chris Cagle

        Ziggy Marley

        Whitney Houston

        Cyndi Lauper

Award Winning Music Producer

When it comes to producing, no two people approach it exactly the same way. As a musician, and music lover, it is definitely the song that comes first. Every artist is unique, and it is the producers job to cultivate that uniqueness. It requires a certain sensitivity to people, to find an artists true identity, and then make the best recording , in the artists vision. This is one of the areas where Gary truly shines. His vast experience, diversity and musical background provide him the tools necessary to “paint the picture “ that best represents that vision. Regardless of genre, or style, that approach never wavers. Every great recording is a snapshot of where the artist is at the time it is done. Capturing that view requires a strong eye and a delicate hand. That is one of Gary’s favorite part of being a producer.

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